We’re doing the Whole 30!

It’s the end of our first day doing the Whole 30 Challenge and overall, a success.

I spent the last few days planning and preparing menus for the next two weeks and yesterday we decided to get rid of the last vestiges of non-compliant food – through the most enjoyable portals we could think of – our mouths! It wasn’t a lot: one bag of organic rice chips, four squares of yummy madagascar dark chocolate and a bottle of chilean cabernet, but it was still enough to leave us both groaning from the effects and wondering why we so compelled.

This morning we started the day with our usual: hot water and lemon juice. Grandma swore by it and lived to 97. We normally follow that with a cappucino, but decided instead to opt for green tea. Almond milk cappucinos just aren’t as satisfying as those made with raw milk. Besides, part of this challenge is not to simply modify old eating patterns, but to change them, so green tea it is – for now. I whipped up an omelette with some organic free-range eggs, tomatoes and spinach topped with salsa. Lunch was leftover dinner from last night: wild sockeye salmon with some purple yams (yum!) and big ass green salad. We had another half portion of the salmon with a half an avocado as our pre-workout meal, as per Whole 30 guidelines. This was new – eating fat before a workout. Our post-workout meal and dinner were rolled into one and consisted of  roasted organic chicken, a side of butternut and spaghetti squash and another big salad.

At the gym, David pushed some heavy weight around.  But I have to say, my workout kinda sucked. I decided to do the Bodyrock.tv fitness test and it wasn’t pretty. The last little while of loafing about and eating with abandon have really had an impact both on my waistline and my strength. Apparently my fat cells don’t care that it was Christmas. But I know I’ll get it back, so I’m choosing not to get too emotional about it.

Well, that’s it for now. Time for some shut-eye. Will update with photos later. ‘Night!


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