Whole 30, Day 3 – Dazed & Confused

poster for movie "Dazed and Confused"

So I have to confess, it’s actually early on day 4 as I write this. I didn’t stop moving until 11:30 last night and dropped like a rock into bed. But quite a day it was. When David and I compared notes, it turns out we both felt the same way all day….stoned! The first time I noticed was mid-morning when I got up from my desk at work and it felt like I was moving through water. “What the…?!?” It was like I had cotton behind my eyes and a fog in my brain. Not exactly fun. Dave said he felt the same way, draggy and drugged out. I’ve read this is a normal part of the detoxification process, but somehow thought because our diet has always been comparably ‘clean’ that we’d somehow be exempt. Guess not. The way I look at it though, if whatever it is that’s coming out is in my body, get it out already! We’re only going to feel better on the other side of it, right? To that end, I think the hot yoga class I went to really helped.

Here’s what I ate:

  •  breakfast: frittata with ground turkey and salsa; green tea
  • lunch: grass-fed mini meatballs & spaghetti squash with a large salad
  • post yoga snack: immediately after, coconut water; when I got home, a few more mini meatballs with homemade coleslaw
  • dinner: sheppard’s pie

Dave’s food was pretty similar, only he texted me mid-afternoon to tell me he’d just fried up some calamari and discovered his new favorite go-to protein source. Since there was no calamari left when I got home :), I decided to do a big batch cook and made curry shrimp, baked yams, yam hash (for breakfast), salmon “bacon” (inspired by Mark Sissons), a healthy salad dressing (using fish oils) and of course the sheppard’s pie.

Day 3, in the books. See you later for a recap on Day 4…


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