Whole 30, Day 4 – Improvising

Today was one of those days where food took a back seat. Though I did have a little spell romanticizing about wine and Dave confessed to craving chocolate.

Overall though, our minds were on other things today and we relied mainly on leftovers. God bless bulk cooking. I was still feeling flu-ish so left work early and did a hot yoga class to help speed the detox. Somehow I just knew I’d feel better afterwards and it worked like magic! God bless hot yoga. David had lasik eye surgery today, so food was the last thing on his mind. He ate, but couldn’t really see the food I put in front of him! God bless him.

My cooking schedule went out the window today. I’d planned to do make green soup and meat balls, but honestly sometimes you just have to listen to your body. I had exactly enough energy to get tomorrows frittata in the oven and that was it. Speaking of breakfast, our’s was pretty good today: baked eggs, sweet potato hash, avocado and salmon ‘bacon’ (wild salmon skin fried crispy). Lunch was a large salad and leftover Sheppard’s pie (which we could happily eat every day, it’s sooo good. Here’s the recipe from marksdailyapple.com) and here’s a snap of the lazy dinner I threw together, curried shrimp dumped atop a big salad and a side of purple cole slaw. Sometimes you just have to make the best of it.

Hasta manana folks!


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