Whole 30, Day 5 & 6 – Movie review, snacking and “Is it Paleo?”

Howdy from Day 6 and apologies for missing Day 5.

Truth is, by the end of the day yesterday, we just had to honor our bodies’ demand to get horizontal and put in a good movie. Proud of us for listening too our bodies, but too bad about the movie. Little service announcement: Despite the high ratings on flixster.com, the movie “Warrior” is simply ridiculous. As UFC fans we were completely insulted by the totally unrealistic representation of a fighting competition. And any movie that ends with one guy choking out another while sobbing “I love you brother” garners a big two thumbs down from us. Sorry for the spoiler alert, but save the hour and half you’ll never get back and watch a real fight instead.
Anyhow, the ritual of curling up for a (not-so) good movie brought on the urge to snack. In our pre-primal days we used to love organic popcorn tossed with melted coconut oil and a little sea salt & stevia for what we thought was a healthy alternative to a movie mainstay. That was until we learned that corn is a grain, and like all grains contains substances that interfere with digestion and cause inflammation. Boo… So instead, we chose some paleo snacks. I munched a bowl of blueberries, Dave enjoyed some pistachio and we both noshed a few spoonfuls of toasted hemp seeds. Which brings me to this handy (and humorous) flow chart I recently came across…Is it Paleo?

Here’s a link in case this is too tiny to read…http://yfrog.com/kecf9ljj. And if anyone knows the author, please let me know – I’d love to give proper credit.


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