Whole 30, Day 9 – The Mind/Body Connection

Clear Mind - Yin Yang : by ~BudhuFakir

It’s day 8 of the Whole 30 – the start of a new week, and we’ve been talking about how doing this challenge has spilled over into other areas of our lives. Not only are we getting the junk out of our diets, but we’re doing the same with our minds.

We’ve been firm believers in the power of thought for a long time; students of Abraham Hicks, Brian Tracy, Neal Donald Walsh, Napolean Hill and Bashar, to name just a few. We know we create our reality from the predominant thoughts we think through the process of Law of Attraction. But still, just like I’ve studied nutrition for many years and still allowed myself to eat deep fried chicken wings, knowing something doesn’t automatically mean you actually DO it 100% of the time.

Over the last little while though, Dave and I have both been catching ourselves more quickly, recognizing less-than-positive thoughts and correcting them. We’ve both found ourselves feeling more optimistic, more focused, more forgiving and more kind – to ourselves, each other and the world around us. We’ve given up other habits too – and find ourselves more easily letting go of old thought patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us. And we’ve experienced the amazing synchronicity of things working out effortlessly once we’ve let go of resistance. It’s brilliant. And the best part is – it feels like it’s just going to keep getting better.

What about you? Have you felt a change in your mental state from eating better? Leave a comment if you have. We’d love to hear from you.

‘Til tomorrow,

D & D


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