Whole 30, Day 13 – Friday the 13th Hauntings…

red wine, apple pie, popcorn and chocolate

It’s Friday the 13th and you can guess what’s haunting us…CRAVINGS!!!

We’ve been pretty good rationalizing our intermittent cravings so far, but tonight they hit with a vengeance.

“What’s wrong?”

“I walked by the chicken wings at the store today and wanted some. I don’t like that I can’t have what I want.”

“Ok, well maybe it would help to think about why you wanted to do the Whole 30.”

“I’m beginning to wonder…”

The funny truth is, we know if we gave in to the feeling of deprivation now and ate one of the things we’re cravings, we’d get the exact opposite effect we’re looking for. We know we wouldn’t feel satisfied, we’d be deeply deeply disappointed. Instead of giving us the feeling that we’re the authors of our own destinies and we can do what we want, we’d feel like we’d failed to do achieve a goal we set for ourselves. We know we’d be selling ourselves short.

So instead we noshed a few nuts, had a spoonful of applesauce and started on a fresh batch of kale chips, while we enjoyed our conversation about popcorn, beer, cookies and rum & cokes.

We have no intent of diving into a pool of self destruction when we’re done this program, but we are both looking forward to a drink, and the opportunity to indulge consciously and sparingly in the culinary pleasures life has to offer.


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