We’re Dheana and David and we like to feel good.

We believe life is supposed to be good and that it can be when you follow your passion. To that end, we’re the parents of two blogs, here, at dheanadavid.wordpress.com (soon to lose the wordpress part) we share our thoughts, experiences and resources about healthy, clean eating nutrition and functional  primal workouts.

We’re both personal trainers (though I’m currently working as an events planner) and believe strongly in eating, moving and living as close to nature as possible. Although David currently works in a gym and I workout at one, we both believe people should be empowered to exercise wherever they want, whenever they want, using the best workout gadget God gave them, their own bodies. To that end, we’ll be sharing videos and resources for getting and staying fit using minimal or no equipment.

David’s also a martial artist, a natural athlete and a kid at heart. He loves to play and be outdoors. You can expect videos from him on outdoor workouts, innovative ways to sneak in exercise and philosophies he’s picked up over the years.

I’m the cook and foody. I’ve been a student of nutrition for nearly 20 years and am a strong advocate for the Real Food movement; eating natural, unprocessed foods and avoiding anything that comes in a box, bag or can. I’ve found strict diet programs don’t work and usually lead to negative emotions and abandonment. So instead, I offer flexible advice, yummy recipes and insights about what works for me; always asking if makes sense to you too.

Our other site is ondefence.com, our women’s self-defense program, where we teach the most realistic, effective, easy-to-learn self defense on the web – for free. We don’t believe in fancy, multi-step techniques you’ll never remember in the heat of the moment, or artificial cheerleading to build hollow confidence, just pure, raw primal self-defense…what you need to know to STOP a violent attack or rape attempt quickly! Everything’s free because we believe it’s every woman’s right to be safe and feel confident.

If either of these things interest you PLEASE CONNECT! Like-minded people need to stick together! After all, in Margaret Mead’s words “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Thanks for reading!

Be Well,

Dheana & David



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