Resistance Band Warm Up/Workout

You can use this resistance band routine as a warm up for your workout or a workout in itself, depending on how hard you push yourself and the resistance level you use. In this video David walks through the basic movement patterns, demonstrating both pushes and pulls in straight and angular patterns – perfect for preparing your body for a free weight, cable or machine workout.

If doing pre-workout, use a rep range that leaves your muscles feeling warm and limber before moving on to the next move. If you’re doing it as workout, choose a higher resistance band and go until you can no longer move the band to the full range of motion.

Bands are portable, cheap and can be used to challenge, balance, coordination, strength, endurance and flexibility all at the same time. A perfect fitness solution if you’re at home, on the road or even on holidays.


Whole 30, Days 23-25 – Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

pre workout options of muffins or chicken and avocado, and post workout options of a protein shake or beef and yams

It’s been a few days since we’ve posted. No, we haven’t been stuck at the bottom of a pint of hagan daz. Truth is, thanks to bulk cooking and a handful of reliable high-yield dishes, our daily meals are down to a sweet science – which is good since both our schedules have kicked up into the decidedly hectic range. But now that we have B, L & D under control, what about pre and post workout nutrition? Well as it turns out, this is an area where the Whole 30 approach flies in the face of conventional wisdom.

In traditional body-building circles, pre-workout meals are mainly complex carb, often from grain or fruits, plus a little protein. Think cottage cheese and fruit, a whole grain muffin or oatmeal and egg whites.

Whole 30/primal pre-workout meals on the other hands are smaller snack size combinations of protein with a little fat. Think sardines in olive oil or chicken with avocado. Choose easy digesting foods and allow enough time so you’re not working out while you’re still digesting.

Post workout, old-schoolers will tell you to get an easily absorbed protein and a quick sugar into your body after training – and most do it via a protein and fruit or juice “recovery shake”. The idea being that quick absorbing simple sugars help shuttle protein into your muscles.

The “new school” approach agrees on protein, but differs when it comes to fruit and simple sugars. Instead, the Whole 30 Success Guide recommends eating a meal size portion of easily digesting protein and a fist size portion of a carb-dense vegetable like yams within 15 – 30 minutes of training. They say relying on fruit as your primary carb source post workout is a mistake because fructose is processed exclusively in the liver, which means the  “fuel tanks” in your liver get filled before the “fuel tanks” in your hungry muscles.

I’m going to be honest, as important as Dave and I both know pre and post workout nutrition is, we sometimes find it a challenge to get these meals in. For one, I find my paleo meals fill me up and I’m not hungry for another meal before my workout. Poor excuse, but there it is. Our workouts also falls within an hour or so of a regular meal, so that last meal essentially becomes our  “pre-workout” fare. On the other side of the coin, we also sometimes launch right into another regular meal post workout and miss the benefits of getting that extra nutrition to our hungry muscles right away. To be clear, your post w/o meal is a ‘bonus’ meal. You should still be eating your next regularly scheduled meal 60 to 90 minutes afterwards.

We know it’s a challenge to schedule these meals; we struggle sometimes too, but we still can’t emphasize enough how important it it to optimize your training. If you’re working out hard, and you should be, it just makes sense to get the most out of it.

What’s your strategy for pre and post workout fueling?

Whole 30, Day 11 – Age is Just a Number

This one’s for you Martin!~ 😉

Think you’re too old to get into the best shape of your life? Nonsense!

I present to you first, an article by The Angry Trainer, explaining that we may have to put our hard-earned wisdom to work and trainer smarter if we’re pushing the good side of 40, but by no means does it mean we can’t sport a six pack. Read the article here.

Then, for added inspiration, check out this woman pounding out 55 push-ups…at 67 years young!

And if anyone can translate what she’s saying, we’d love to know! 🙂