Whole 30, Day 7 – Super snacks & Sockeye salmon

Hi again,

I thought I’d share a snap of what’s become our go-to snack for a crunch craving: toasted hemp seeds… Ingredients: Organic Toasted Hemp Seeds, Himalayan Sea Salt. Pretty pure. Of course the omega 3 to omega 6 ratio isn’t ideal (so enjoy in moderation), but hemp IS high in amino acids, fibre and EFAs. It’s awesome sprinkled on salad or cole slaw, but we just love it right off the spoon.

Another snack we LOVE is kale chips. And so simple to make…just wash and dry your kale, cut off the ribs, rip it into bite size pieces and toss it with olive or coconut oil and sea salt. Most recipes say to bake for 7 – 10 minutes at 350, but we find a lower oven is better…they burn easily! But still, an easy, healthy, delicious green snack!

Finally, I thought I’d share a snap of the wild sockeye salmon we had for dinner. Just a little salt and pepper, a drizzle of lemon and a few minutes per side in some hot coconut oil. Delish! The sauce? Homemade baba ganoush with a dash of lemon and dill – yum!

See you tomorrow with more Whole 30 meals and a check-in on our progress. G’night!


Whole 30, Day 5 & 6 – Movie review, snacking and “Is it Paleo?”

Howdy from Day 6 and apologies for missing Day 5.

Truth is, by the end of the day yesterday, we just had to honor our bodies’ demand to get horizontal and put in a good movie. Proud of us for listening too our bodies, but too bad about the movie. Little service announcement: Despite the high ratings on flixster.com, the movie “Warrior” is simply ridiculous. As UFC fans we were completely insulted by the totally unrealistic representation of a fighting competition. And any movie that ends with one guy choking out another while sobbing “I love you brother” garners a big two thumbs down from us. Sorry for the spoiler alert, but save the hour and half you’ll never get back and watch a real fight instead.
Anyhow, the ritual of curling up for a (not-so) good movie brought on the urge to snack. In our pre-primal days we used to love organic popcorn tossed with melted coconut oil and a little sea salt & stevia for what we thought was a healthy alternative to a movie mainstay. That was until we learned that corn is a grain, and like all grains contains substances that interfere with digestion and cause inflammation. Boo… So instead, we chose some paleo snacks. I munched a bowl of blueberries, Dave enjoyed some pistachio and we both noshed a few spoonfuls of toasted hemp seeds. Which brings me to this handy (and humorous) flow chart I recently came across…Is it Paleo?

Here’s a link in case this is too tiny to read…http://yfrog.com/kecf9ljj. And if anyone knows the author, please let me know – I’d love to give proper credit.

Whole 30, Day 2 – Temptation

Whole 30, day 2. Phone rings, it’s David. He’s at the grocery store looking at all the things he can’t have. “Get out of there!” I tell him. Why torture yourself? Truth is, he’s looking for kale to make a batch of kale chips, craving the crunch he used to get from his beloved rice chips. No kale, no crunch, sad Dave.

Food wasn’t a problem for me today. Did two workouts and had plenty of good food to feed my appetite. My issue today was a sugar-detox headache that set in mid afternoon and lingered like a bad smell. Damn you sugar.

Our local butcher was closed today so I couldn’t stock up on grass fed goodness. Shame because I was planning to make Sheppard’s pie with cauliflower. Mmm, mashed cauliflower…so good it almost tastes sinful! But that will have to wait until tomorrow. Tonight, we thanked God for leftovers and made due.

We’re doing the Whole 30!

It’s the end of our first day doing the Whole 30 Challenge and overall, a success.

I spent the last few days planning and preparing menus for the next two weeks and yesterday we decided to get rid of the last vestiges of non-compliant food – through the most enjoyable portals we could think of – our mouths! It wasn’t a lot: one bag of organic rice chips, four squares of yummy madagascar dark chocolate and a bottle of chilean cabernet, but it was still enough to leave us both groaning from the effects and wondering why we so compelled.

This morning we started the day with our usual: hot water and lemon juice. Grandma swore by it and lived to 97. We normally follow that with a cappucino, but decided instead to opt for green tea. Almond milk cappucinos just aren’t as satisfying as those made with raw milk. Besides, part of this challenge is not to simply modify old eating patterns, but to change them, so green tea it is – for now. I whipped up an omelette with some organic free-range eggs, tomatoes and spinach topped with salsa. Lunch was leftover dinner from last night: wild sockeye salmon with some purple yams (yum!) and big ass green salad. We had another half portion of the salmon with a half an avocado as our pre-workout meal, as per Whole 30 guidelines. This was new – eating fat before a workout. Our post-workout meal and dinner were rolled into one and consisted of  roasted organic chicken, a side of butternut and spaghetti squash and another big salad.

At the gym, David pushed some heavy weight around.  But I have to say, my workout kinda sucked. I decided to do the Bodyrock.tv fitness test and it wasn’t pretty. The last little while of loafing about and eating with abandon have really had an impact both on my waistline and my strength. Apparently my fat cells don’t care that it was Christmas. But I know I’ll get it back, so I’m choosing not to get too emotional about it.

Well, that’s it for now. Time for some shut-eye. Will update with photos later. ‘Night!